Smart Political Tactics Work for WVA CCL Chapter

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Jim Probst, head of West Virginia’s CCL chapter, found that their chapter could get local legislators to pay attention to Carbon Fee and Dividend by backing a cause that legislators wanted to further. The national Citizens Climate Lobby website has the story. 



Proof that a Price on Carbon Works

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An article in the New York Times on carbon tax. 

“These actions deserve applause. But their real value may lie in providing a template for the rest of the world. Broad participation is essential to keeping warming below a point of no return; as a practical matter, it is also essential to keep companies from moving their operations to nations that do not impose a cost on carbon emissions.”


Giant Coal Companies Call for Climate Change Action that Includes Carbon Pricing

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coal train

14 major coal companies issued a joint statement calling for action on climate change, saying: “A new climate agreement in Paris can help strengthen the role of, and minimize risks to, the private sector in a number of ways:

1. Providing Long-Term Direction – An aim of progressively decarbonizing the global economy can provide a clearer signal to markets to shift long-term investments toward energy efficiency and other lower-carbon alternatives.

2. Promoting Transparency – Requiring countries to be transparent about their policy intentions and implementation can provide greater clarity on domestic policy landscapes, better enabling companies to anticipate regulatory risks and economic opportunities.

3. Addressing Competitiveness – Agreement by all major economies to contribute their fair share, and to simultaneously and regularly renew their contributions, can lead over time towards a greater comparability of effort, helping to ease concerns about potential carbon leakage and competitive imbalances.

4. Facilitating Carbon Pricing – Requiring countries choosing to employ international carbon trading to ensure the environmental integrity of these transactions can help facilitate the growth and credibility of the global carbon market, a critical tool for cost-effective emissions reduction.”

Herald-Times, Bloomington, Indiana, on Citizens Climate Lobby

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NASA surface temp increase 1960-2060

Recently the Herald-Times interviewed Marcia Veldman, CCL South Central Indiana’s chapter leader, and ran a lengthy story on how CCL works.

“The first action would place a “carbon fee” for oil, natural gas and coal that would be accessed at the point of extraction, which would be the well, mine or port. The fee would be based on the per ton of ‘carbon equivalent emissions’ that the fuel would produce. According to the standard the lobbying group proposes, coal typically has two times as much carbon emission as natural gas, Veldman said.” Read the full article here.

Group of House Republicans Calls for Action on Climate Change

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Nasa Glacier Loss

“A co­ali­tion of House Re­pub­lic­ans is gear­ing up to make waves by call­ing for ac­tion to fight cli­mate change on the eve of Pope Fran­cis’s vis­it to Cap­it­ol Hill.

“Ten Re­pub­lic­ans have so far signed onto a res­ol­u­tion af­firm­ing that hu­man activ­ity con­trib­utes to cli­mate change and en­dors­ing ac­tion to re­spond to the threat of Earth’s chan­ging cli­mate. The res­ol­u­tion is ex­pec­ted to be un­veiled as early as Thursday.
Rep. Chris Gib­son, a New York Re­pub­lic­an, led the charge in craft­ing the res­ol­u­tion and con­vin­cing oth­er Re­pub­lic­ans to speak out in sup­port. “This is a call for ac­tion to study how hu­mans are im­pact­ing our en­vir­on­ment and to look for con­sensus on areas where we can take ac­tion to mit­ig­ate the risks and bal­ance our im­pacts,” Gib­son told Na­tion­al Journ­al.

“Reps. Ileana Ros-Le­htin­en and Car­los Cur­belo of Flor­ida, Robert Dold of Illinois, Dave Reich­ert of Wash­ing­ton, Pat Mee­han, Ry­an Cos­tello, and Mike Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania, and Richard Hanna and Elise Stefanik of New York all con­firmed to Na­tion­al Journ­al that they have signed on as co­spon­sors of the res­ol­u­tion.” Source: National Journal

Vatican Calls for “Moral Awakening” on Climate Change

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Vatican Climate Change Moral Awakening

The Guardian reports that Cardinal Peter Turkson called for people of faith and politicians to wake up to the threat of climate change. Cardinal Turkson is Pope Francis’s point person on peace and justice issues. The comments are believed to be part of the runup to the Pope’s encyclical on climate changes, expected in June.

Department of Defense Preparing for Climate Change

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DOD climate change

In an article in Climate Wire, Jeff Marqusee, who ran environmental programs at the Defense Department for 20 years, talked about DOD’s preparations for climate change.  “DOD has an infrastructure larger than any other entity in the world, so when you think about climate change, it’s going to impact DOD in every way imaginable,” he said.

From rising sea levels, soil subsidance, frequent extreme weather events, and rising temperatures, climate change poses risk to a government agency that has risk assessment as one of its main tasks.